Forbidden Bride

Years ago she promised me her hand in marriage. Now I'm here to collect.
When I close my eyes, there's only one face I see.
Nicola-- the girl I was forbidden from having.
She's the daughter of my best friend. When she was nearly 18, she confessed she had a crush on me. I knew better than to pretend I wanted her, so I ignored her heartfelt confession.
With tears in her eyes, she promised she'd save herself for me.
Only me.
Afraid of wrecking my friendship with her father, I left town.
But after years of a brooding bachelor life, of trying to find someone or something to fill the hole in my heart, I'm done pretending I don't want Nicola.
The problem?
Her father is now her boss, and she isn't about to risk her career for a life with me.
That's too bad... because I'm determined to put a ring on her finger.
A promise is a promise.