Hound Dog


Dogs are better than people. You can fight me on this, but I’ll win. Dogs don’t judge my trailer park upbringing or my threadbare tees. No, dogs love unconditionally and, after the life I’ve had, that’s all I really want.

Men have never been a temptation for me, not after watching my mother blow through one awful relationship after another. Not until I met Carson Jones: singer, songwriter, Hollywood heartthrob. He’s a triple threat, quadruple if you count the six-pack… which I do. When he offers me an insane amount of money to train his dog, I can’t say no. Even if that means spending my days pretending he doesn’t melt my panties, and my nights wishing for more.


I. Need. Help.

Bubbles, the dog I inherited from my sister, is insane. She spins in circles, chasing her tail until she pukes. She won’t stay out of my pool and, if I don’t walk her three times a day, she eats the drywall right off the wall. Too bad Bubbles hates every single trainer I’ve hired, and dog walkers won't come near her. But this new one is promising... and tempting.

Aria, seems to have the magic touch with Bubbles. Out of desperation, I make her a ridiculous offer: a million dollars for one month of live-in dog training. That seemed simple enough, but I didn’t count on falling for her, and I definitely didn't foresee the havoc the media would cause. Lucky for us, happy endings are my specialty and I’m about to show her how right this is.