Wicked (Diamondback MC 7)

I left her behind. I didn’t have a choice.
I thought she was lost to me forever.
Now, I have a second chance and I’m not going to hesitate.
I’m never letting Shila go again.

I’m a man haunted by his past.
I’ve seen my brothers find their old ladies, but I knew that would never happen for me.
I’m a one woman kind of man and I have only ever loved one woman.

I was forced to leave her in my past, but I’ve never forgotten her.
If anything, I’ve just grieved the small taste of forever that I had with her.

When I’m sent to another state to help out a brother in the Diamondback MC, I never thought I’d see my past staring back at me.
Shila has always owned me body and soul.
Now that I see her again, I will stop at nothing until she belongs to me in every way imaginable.