Can't Touch: A Boss Romance

She's the one girl he can't touch. He's the one guy she can't resist.
She's forbidden fruit. The girl I can't touch.
That's what her uncle says, anyway... but even if he controls her, he doesn't control me.
When I see her walking back and forth in the office lobby, her long legs swishing, beautiful curves swaying, and those cherry-red lips, I decide right then: she's going to be mine.

My first day on the job I swore I'd be professional. No mistakes. Pure and well behaved.
Kris changed all of that.
He's powerful, rich, and when he smiles at me, it makes me weak.
If my uncle finds out about us I'll lose more than my dream internship.
Can I keep what I've done a secret with Kris tempting me over and over to break the rules?