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He breaks the kiss and whispers, “God, you’re beautiful.” Our eyes lock as I lean down to trail my tongue around the crown of his cock. The moan he lets out sends moisture pooling between my thighs.At this rate I’ll be dripping down my legs before they even fuck me.

I slide my tongue down his length before taking him as far as I can into my mouth. My head bobs up and down his shaft slowly, to torture him, smirking a little at his barely contained groans. The tip of his cock pushes against the back of my throat. Wanting to play with him a bit, I start to hum. His sounds are all the encouragement I need. Just as I am about to move quicker Mason calls out.

“Sam, move back,” Mason says huskily. A wry grin settles on his face as Sam pulls me further back on the bed. He lays down and settles my body between his legs. His arms tug me onto my hands and knees, my mouth still locked in place around his shaft. His eyes light with mischief and he fists his hand around my braid, moving my head at a faster pace. His moans create another rush of pleasure and I whimper at the ache that hasn’t been attended to yet.

While my head bobs up and down Sam’s cock, the bed dips and Mason’s body brushes against mine. He leans over me and leaves a trail of hot kisses down my spine. His hand massages slowly over my ass before he slides his body underneath me. His tongue darts along my folds, creating spasms of pleasure to ripple through my core. He doesn’t treat me gently as he nips and licks me until I’m moaning around Sam’s cock. Which only has my burly ginger trying to tap out.

He tenses under me and his hands push at my shoulders, but I put a firm hand on his leg and speed the pace of my strokes until he explodes down my throat. I swallow down the saltiness of his orgasm, licking the crown of his cock as I pull back. Sam’s body melts under my hands and his mouth falls open when I lick my lips.

“Luz, that was amazing,” Sam groans, his eyes still hooded with lust.

Before I can answer, my attention is stolen by Liam, He leans in and runs his fingers softly over my hard nipples as he nibbles along my neck. The heady feeling of having the power over Sam’s orgasm combined with Liam and Mason’s mouths on my body are too much. My body tenses, my head becomes light and my orgasm explodes in waves until I’m a shaking mess.

Mason moves out from under me and Liam takes his place behind me. With one hand on my hip and the other around his cock, he slides the tip along my core, gathering the wetness gathered there. Then he thrusts into me in one long push. We moan in unison as he fills me completely.

Liam is too far gone to fuck me gently, and I’m loving it. He braces his hands on my hips, holding me still as he slams his pelvis into me forcefully. Sam snakes his hand between us and works his fingers expertly over my clit until I’m crying out. My head collapses onto the mattress so it’s only my ass in the air, allowing Liam to penetrate me even deeper. He tenses, lets out a grunt, and then thrusts one more time, his bruising grip clutching my hips as he comes.

I roll over on my back, panting when Liam pulls out and steps away. Mason slides over with a grin. He positions himself in between my legs and stares down at my dripping pussy.

“You look good like this, butterfly,” he praises. “Well fucked and dripping with our cum.”

I whimper in response and wiggle my hips, urging him to push his cock into my core instead of teasing my entrance.

He listens to my silent plea, but barely, sliding in torturously slow. Mason sets a languid and sweet pace as he runs his hands lightly over my body, sending shivers down my spine. It’s a change of pace from Liam’s punishing thrusts, but no less powerful.

“You feel so good, Mason,” I croon, his cocky half smile lighting up his face at my words.

He grips my hip tighter, getting lost in the pleasure. I bring my hands to his chest, bracing my arms against him. Without losing his rhythm, he leans down and kisses me passionately. Our lips clash and teeth scrape as our tongues are intertwined. Another orgasm is building slowly in my abdomen, this one even stronger than the others.

Searching the room with my eyes, I notice that Sam and Liam both slipped out of the room, letting us have a moment alone. That was sweet of them, but I hope they don’t feel put out.

Mason’s jaw tenses, and I know he must be close. I run my nails down his back and lean up on the bed, bringing him forward for another passionate kiss. His groan fills my mouth as he comes crashing into his climax with me. We’re both left panting, completely exhausted and satisfied.

Mason pulls out of me and walks to the bathroom, returning with a warm cloth. He gently cleans me up then covers me with a soft blanket, kissing me sweetly on the forehead and slipping out of my room. I fall asleep quickly, left in a peaceful, dreamless rest.

* * *

“Maybe you should knockme out so I can go to the darkness and force them out. He’s completely healed now,” I half joke. I’m standing next to Thea and Emmett, who are still unconscious.

“Not funny,” Sam says while Liam chuckles. They think I’m joking, but I’m willing to do it if I need to. Thea needs to come back to me.

“Thea you listen to me. Follow my voice and tether yourself to me now. I can’t do this without you, I need you here. You and Emmett deserve a chance to have a life out here with us,” I beg her, hating I can’t keep the tremble out of my voice. I wait several minutes but they don’t come back to us.

I whirl around to face my men. “I need to get into the darkness,” I beg them.

“What about a sedative?” Mason offers and I give him a hopeful look.

“Would it wear off quick enough for her to pull out?” Sam asks, glaring at him. Clearly he isn’t fond of this idea.

“Yes. She’ll just be groggy and need a nap,” Mason confirms, already heading toward the door.

“I volunteer for cuddle buddy duty,” Liam says with a wolfish grin.

“Your offer is accepted,” I say, giving him a sweet smile. Honestly I’m just relieved they're giving in. This has gone on too long.

“Gross,” mumbles Sam, though his smile shows me he isn’t serious. They seem to have accepted our unconventional relationship with open arms.

Mason returns with the medicine and I settle into the bed next to Thea. I whine playfully while Mason walks up with a syringe. He chuckles but kisses me softly before I turn away and close my eyes. I feel the sharp prick of the needle before the burning sensation floods my veins. The sedation works quickly, and I feel myself slipping under.

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