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“You can’t just use your kissing skills to make me forget that I’m pissed off,” I tease and he winks back.

“Are you sure about that?” he asks, leaning in for another.

“Yes,” I say, biting his lip gently and pulling back. “I have things to do, including going to my room for clothes.”

“Actually, we need to talk to you and Thea before you go,” he says, his voice getting a bit more excited. I’m more relieved to hear him back to normal than I expected to be. I can’t stay mad at him long. Though him wanting to ‘talk’ has me more than a little cautious. Knowing them, Sam probably had some sort of extra protection in place for us.

We walk back into the dining room holding hands, causing everyone to stop talking and stare. I take my seat and give everyone a smile to let them know we’re good.

“I take it you kissed and made up? Good. Liam, don’t be a dick again, because I don’t like sulky Luz,” Thea says, throwing a muffin at him and smiling at me.

“You can’t go back to your apartments again,” Sam says, cutting right to the chase. My eyes narrow at his bossiness.

“What he means is that we don’t feel comfortable with you down there alone. After that attack, we think it’s safer for you here with us where numbers are on our side. We have two extra rooms that we will clear out for you today. All your stuff will be brought up. Thea and I already went and got you some clothes for today,” Mason says in a less demanding tone, throwing Sam an exasperated look.

“Sam, you should probably watch that alpha, commanding tone you have. Luz is too independent,” Thea chuckles. She’s apparently full of relationship advice today, but I don’t mind since she’s right every time.

“I like it sometimes,” I say with a wink that causes the guys to groan and Thea to give me a disgusted look.

“First of all, that’s gross, and secondly, I was on your side,” she complains.

But the more I thought over what he was suggesting, the more I liked it. I never wanted to be caught alone again, and frankly after Zoey’s deceit, I wasn’t quick to trust the other reapers.

“I’m fine with moving, you have a badass kitchen. Do I have my own bathroom?” I ask to reassure them I’m alright with the plan. I’m trying to keep it cool on the outside, but inside I’m jumping up and down at the thought of living with my guys and not being alone anymore. Even for one night I was miserable.

“You both do,” Sam says with a grin. Thea interrupts us with another happy dance.

“Alright, well in the meantime, I have to go to the council chambers,” I announce, grabbing a muffin and a bottle of water to eat on my way.

“Not alone. One of us stays with you at all times,” Sam rumbles, giving me a stern look, just daring me to argue with him.

“Excuse me?” I retort with a raised eyebrow. He levels me with his gaze before I see a flash of discomfort. He opens and closes his mouth like he can’t make the words come out.

“Please, Luz,” he manages to choke out. I lean up and give him a kiss.

“Yes, sir,” I tease. There’s a flash of heat in his eyes at the moniker. Knowing I won, I smirk and sway my hips as I walk away, knowing he’s watching me. Once I gather my things and walk to the front door, Sam follows behind me and we head down to the chambers.

Once we walk in, seeing Zoey sitting at the table being fawned over by a few councilmen causes me to see red. The councilmen gape as I stalk toward her and rip her out of their grasps, pinning her to the wall by her throat. She puts on a scared expression, but I refuse to give in.

“How dare you act like this isn’t your fault? You allowed those fucking demons to feed on all those poor souls, knowing exactly where they went. You gave Drekavac access to the reaper realm, and it almost cost me my fucking life! I was halfway through a gate to the demon layer onyourorder, you fucking bitch! I will destroy you,” I hiss vehemently, refusing to loosen my grip despite the yells of outrage behind me.

“I would never,” she tries to use her sweet and innocent voice, but it falters to her normal, deeper tone.

“Luz, unhand her and explain,” the Head Councilor walks forward to lay a hand on my shoulder. I shrug him off and refuse to back down.

“I gave you all a chance. You chose to coddle her. I don’t give a fuck if she has been here longer, I have been to Drekavac’s layer twice. The last time almost broke me. Then last night I’m almost dragged through to the demon realm because of this bitch. If it wasn’t for Sam and Mason, I would have been. She made a deal with the demon king, and in exchange for her help he was going to let her to run this realm andunseat thisentirecouncil. Like a demon would actually allow that, stupid girl,” I finish, glaring at her.

“Luz,” the councilman’s voice is a warning. I glance away for a moment, and apparently that’s enough. She lashes out with her arm, hitting my inner elbow, forcing me to let go.

“You stupid bitch, you’ve ruined everything!” she screeches before trying to call a portal. As if I would let her escape. I’m on her faster than she can say ‘porta’, slamming her against the floor as the room erupts in chaos.

“You just signed your death warrant,” I say with a smirk. The Head Councilor walks up and stares down at her.

“Please step away, Luz.I have a solution,” he says with enough authority that I back up slowly, my muscles tense and ready to pounce again should he fail. “Zoey, your time as a reaper is done. I have a little known ability. I can banish you to the darkness of the void. You will wander for days in and out of your solitary layer, until you simplyfadeaway.”

Without any further protests, aside from a gasp of horror from Zoey, he opens a portal that is different than any I have ever seen. Instead of the wavering air look, this is an all-consuming darkness. He pushes her into it without any further explanation and waves his hand to close it.

“Fuck,” Sam curses and moves me away from the Head Councilor. He isn’t going to take any chances with a horrifying power like that.

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