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“I won’t be.” He hands me an ornament to put on the tree. “I worked to give you space even in the beginning. I recall you telling me I better get back to work. I thought I was too overbearing. I made you quit your jobs.”

“I hated my jobs, and you knew it.”

“I wanted you home.”

“I loved being home, Rowan. Don’t have yourself believing anything other than that. It was nice being taken care of.”

“I felt like you were taking care of me.”

“We take care of each other in our own ways. People might think it’s old school but—”

“Fuck ’em,” Rowan finishes for me.

“Yeah, fuck ’em,” I agree, walking over to him. I grab his hand and pull him to the sofa, dropping down into his lap. “Rowan, I remember that. Me telling you that you better get back to work. I thought you were staying home so much because you worried over me after you had me quit work. I didn’t want you staying around because you felt like you had to.”

“I wanted to be there.” He strokes my jaw with this thumb. I’ve always loved the feel of his rough fingers on my skin.

“We’re so stupid.” I laugh.

“What we are is madly in love. Our problems are fixable and are only problems because we love each other so much.”

“I do love you. More than anything in this whole world.”

“That’s good because there’s no getting rid of me. It’s you and me for eternity.”

“And maybe a few little ones added in there,” I add. Rowan brushes a few hairs out of my face. “You still want that, right? To have a family?”

“Pretty sure I admitted that I was hoping I knocked you up so you’d be stuck with me.” He smirks, not the least bit ashamed of that anymore.

“As if that mattered.” I laugh. His face grows serious.

“I want it all with you. A little girl with your eyes and heart.” This man melts my insides.

“I think I’m pregnant,” I blurt out. “I haven't had a period since the last time you snuck into my room.”

“That was four months ago.” I nod. My period comes like clockwork usually.

I’ve always kept track of my periods because I don’t take birth control. It makes me sick. Since the day we got married, I’ve kept track of them knowing it was only a matter of time. I didn’t think it would take this long, but really the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Happiness lights up his handsome face. “Fuck, I’ve been rough with you.”

“Don’t even start. You’ve been perfect with me, Rowan. I don’t think we have to worry about your kinks until I’m further along, but we’ll check with a doctor when we get back to town.”

“They’re your kinks too.”

“Don’t put that on me. I’m an innocent little angel here.”

“Your wet cunt betrays you.” He slips his hand between my thighs. “I’ll have to keep track of how many spankings I’ll owe you next Christmas.” I let out a squeak when he gives my sex a light smack. “Look how soaked you are for me.”

“Not my fault. You’ve made my body crave these dirty things.”

“To craveme.” His finger slips through my folds, playing with my clit.

“I’ve always done that, husband,” I say with a moan, my head dropping back.

“Always such a good girl.” He thrusts a finger inside of me. “Good girls do get rewards, you know.” He nips at my neck.

“I’ve got everything I could ever want. As long as you never let me go.”

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