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“I love you!”I shout as I run through the house to get away from King, laughing as I go. I barely missed him grabbing me. It is hard to get a jump on him. For a big man he can really move. I was only quick on my toes from having spent years wrestling animals. Those damn baby piglets can be hell to catch and wrangle.

If he gets a hold of me he is going to tan my ass. Not that I don’t enjoy when he does but I have to let the man chase me a little. It’s good for him. Who am I kidding, I enjoy him chasing me. There is something about knowing that he’ll always come for me that gives me a warm happy thrill. I might have given him the ‘I love you’ but he is still waiting on me to agree that I’m not going anywhere. Ever. I know in my heart that I’m not but I like to keep him on his toes.

I come to a sliding stop into the kitchen when I see my sister sitting in one of the high top chairs sipping a cup of coffee with her tablet open in front of her.

“Don’t you come out naked! We got company!” I shout. I hear his loud steps thundering down the hallway. I love my sister but no one is allowed to see my man naked. Ever. I hear him let out a string of curses. My sister smiles shaking her head as she goes over to pour me a cup of coffee.

“I let myself in.” She’d taken the position that King had offered her. I stopped trying to change her mind. I knew she would be good here. I’ve seen her work with some of the women since she’d arrived. I know that they need her here and I don’t plan on standing in the way of that. Not that I’m going anywhere myself.

I walk over, taking the cup from her hands. I let out a happy sigh as I take my first sip. I glance over to the clock and see it’s almost eleven. How did I sleep so late? The dogs. Crap!

“Your man went out to feed them already. I’m guessing you were snoring away.” Danny says before I can run out the door into the freezing cold. I’m only wearing King’s shirt and a fuzzy pair of socks.

“I don’t snore.” I give her the side eye. I don’t snore, at least I don’t think I do. If I do, I’d bet my last dollar King thinks it’s adorable. He thinks everything I do is cute. I’ve always thought of myself as a little rough around the edges. As a little bit of a tomboy, too, but King treats me like a princess. Well, a princess he sometimes has to spank.

“Him and Isaac did it hours ago.” I smile taking another sip of my coffee. I have missed feeding the pups but I'll go out soon and play with them. I do, however, love how much Isaac has taken to King since he arrived here with his Ma. The two of them are doing wonderful.

“He’s good to him.” I walk over sitting down. My legs swing back and forth. He’s going to make a good dad when the day comes. My legs stop swinging for a moment. The thought should scare me but it doesn’t. In fact, it does the opposite. It warms me to think of King and I having a family.

“Yeah he is.” She eyes me. “The man seems to be good with everyone.” Her eyebrows wiggle. “You going to put that man out of his misery and tell him you aren't going anywhere?”

“I’m not going anywhere while that Brandon dick is still an issue. I wanna be around if he tries to show up.”

“First off, he’ll never find me here.” Danny sets her coffee down. “I got word he was arrested. I wasn't the only woman he’s done this to. King put pressure on the hospital and the police department to look more into him. I’m sure he’ll make sure they throw the book at him. Your King isn’t one to trifle with it seems.”

“I mess with him all the time.” I try and tease. My throat goes tight.

“He’s a good man.” I shake my head in agreement with my sister. “We’re staying.” I keep on shaking my head.

“I love it here. I love him, too.” I admit.

“I heard you yell it.” She smiles. “I think everyone did.” She walks over to me giving me a hug. I hug her back tightly.

“We’re home.” I tell her.

“We are,” she agrees before letting me go. She glances to her right. “I’ll leave you to it.” She gives King a smile before heading out the back door.

“Where is your shirt?” I ask. He’s got on a pair of sweatpants that hang too low for my liking. Well, when others are around at least.

“You have it on.” He comes over picking me up and putting me on the kitchen counter.

“You have more than one.” I hiss. He steps between my thighs making my legs spread wide for his massive size. “I’m guessing you heard I’m staying.” I fake an eye roll trying to look annoyed but my smile wins out.

“Cute you thought you were going somewhere, Slick.”

“Then why do you keep asking, if you know so much?” I reach out putting my hands on his chest. God, I love touching him. I love everything about him.

“Cause you like when I spank your ass.” He leans down brushing his mouth against mine. I don’t rebuff his comment because it’s true. “And because I love you and you know it would break me if you left me.”

“Ahh. King.” My eyes sting with tears. Him and my sister are both trying to get me to spring a leak this morning.

“I love you, too. If you left me it would rip me in half. I know I look tough and all but-” He cuts me off.

“You’re all sweet inside. I know. I’ve tasted it.” He kisses me. I moan into his mouth as he deepens the kiss, leaving me breathless. It takes me a moment to realize what he’s done as he steps away from me.

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