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Doc Weston leadsHay Balesto Cabin Two, the one Cyn set aside for the doctor.

“How was the trip?” I ask.

“Fine.” The pilot, Jake, drops into a stool at the island. “My ass is sore. Two runs in as many days ain’t great.”

“Poor baby,” Cyn mocks.

“If you really felt bad for me, you’d climb on to my lap and kiss it better,” Jake invites.

Cyn rolls her eyes. “Kiss what better?”

“Everything, but if you want specific directions then it’d be—“

She lunges forward and slaps a hand across his mouth. “Don’t you dare.”

“Thanks, Cyn,” I say to my cousin. “I also don’t really want to hear what’s rattling upstairs in your empty house.”

“Exactly.” Cyn draws her hand away. “Keep all of that to yourself.”

“I’ve been keeping so much to myself, my pipes are gonna burst,” Jake mutters.

I pluck a stick of butter from the fridge and pour a cup of coffee for Jake.

I send a sympathetic look and the java toward Jake. He grunts his thanks. I know how he feels. This afternoon‘s little escapade with Slick has my balls hurting. I rubbed one out in the bathroom after I showered her but that didn’t do much but take off the edge. That ache won’t go away until I’m balls deep in her cunt. As I spread the butter on the rapidly cooling toast a thought strikes me. Did I say that she needed to tell me her name or that I just needed to know what it was? I pin my gaze on Jake. “Doc talk much about her sister?”

He doesn’t answer, too busy staring at Cyn, who’s busy avoiding his eyes. One of them could leave but they seem to get something out of this awkward situation. Whatever kind of odd courtship is going on here isn’t working for me at the moment.

“Jake,” I say sharply.

“Huh?” His head swivels slowly in my direction as if suddenly remembering there is more than the two of him here. “Ah no. No, I don’t like the chatter while I’ve got my hands on the stick.”

Cyn makes a disgusted noise in her throat. “Typical.”

“Why’s that typical?”

“Maybe she needed the company? Why don’t you show some interest in someone other than yourself for once.” Cyn shoves away from the island. “Why are you such an ass?“

As I munch on my cold toast, Jake’s face crinkles in bewilderment. “What are you talking about? How am I an ass wanting to enjoy the silence? It’s not like the doc is a big talker.“

“You wouldn’t know if she was or wasn’t because you never ask.” Cyn stomps out of the room leaving an open-mouth Jake behind her.

When he turns toward me I raise my palms and dust off the crumbs. I have no idea. “Don’t ask me.”

He makes a face but doesn’t press.

“Do you have a run to make after this?”

His eyes drift toward the door Cyn exited. “I think I’ll stick around for a while.”

Since I know that Slick is going to try to escape with her sister, I tell Jake, “Make sure you lose some important part of the helicopter so it can’t run.”

Jake shoves his barely drunk coffee mug aside and leans across the table. He wants to make a deal. “What are you gonna do for me?”

“Nothing,” I reply bluntly. “Cyn’s my cousin.”

He clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “Then I guess my bird is fully operational.”

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