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“You looking for a place, sweetheart?” Her voice is soft and kind for me.

“I’m looking for my sister. She said she was coming here for a new job. Danny Weston.” I go with asking Cyn because I’m not getting anywhere with GI Joe meets lumberjack.

“Doc Danielle Weston,” Cyn confirms.

“Yes! She said she took a job here.” I run my hands over my eyes, feeling tired all of a sudden but relieved that I am in the right place. It sure as hell was no easy feat getting to this secluded area. “This is the King Center, right?”

“Yeah. I’m Cyn King.” The woman reaches her hand out, taking mine. “I’m guessing my cousin didn't introduce himself. Everyone just calls him King.”

“That like an ego boost thing?” I smirk. I don’t know why I want to poke at him but I do. It’s like I’m in grade school and I’m picking on him because I don’t like the feelings he’s stirring up inside—or more that I don’t understand them. It’s childish but it keeps on popping out of my mouth. Mama did say I never knew how to quit when I was ahead. That hasn’t changed a bit over the years.

Cyn throws back her head and laughs. “I don’t know. Everyone has always called him by his last name. It’s just stuck.”

I turn to look at him. “What’s your first name?”

It’s his turn to smirk. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you.”

I furrow my eyebrows, having no idea what he means by that. I’m only here to get my sister. So I’m not sure when he plans on telling me this bit of information since I won’t be here longer than it takes me to find Danny.

“The new doc won’t be here until tomorrow.” His words break me from my thoughts. “I’d suggest you get some shut eye.”

“Why? Jake was flying her in tonight. Is something wrong?” I can hear the panic in Cyn’s voice, which scares me, too, if my sister is on the flight.

“No, the storm. It’s delayed them,” King tells her. “They are fine. In fact, it’s safer.”

Cyn nods and I wonder if this Jake is her boyfriend or something. Wait, she took a dig at him when she walked in here. Guess Cyn and I have something in common because I seem to enjoy taking them at King. I should lay off if he’s the man my sister mentioned in her letter.

“With the storm bearing down and you wanting to see your sister I take it you’ll be staying.”

Doesn't sound like a question really. “I’m not going anywhere.” I lift my chin.

“Good.” This time he full-on smiles. Cyn’s eyes bounce between the two of us while her face remains scrunched, looking confused.

I guess I’ll have a little more time to find out King’s first name. Not that I should even care. But I do.



Bad weatherin the winter is a given around here. But I’ve never been so grateful about the inconvenience of being snowbound till about right now.

“Here’s your room.” I usher her into the suite across the hall from my own. “I didn’t catch your name.”

“She didn’t share it,” Cyn helpfully points out.

The brunette shrugs. “King isn’t sharing his first name so why should I? You know my last name. It’s the same as Danny’s.” She steps into the room and takes a look around.

“I can’t call you ‘girl’ the whole time you’re here.” I wonder If she likes the decor. It’s kind of rustic. I like things made out of natural materials. The bed is made out of sturdy oak. The sheets are pure cotton. The rugs are wool. Each of the cabins is different. Some are modern. Some are more European. Cyn decorated them thinking that if the women who came here could stay in places that made them feel good, then they might heal faster. And not everyone liked the cabin feel, which seems weird and false, but it’s turned out to be true.

“I won’t be here long enough for you to worry about that.”

So she hates it.

“Maybe she should stay in one of the cabins,” Cyn suggests. She must be getting the same vibe as I am. Guess I’m going to be redecorating. Until that gets done, this little intruder is going to have to deal.

“Those cabins just got cleaned and I don’t want to put extra work on the staff.”

Cyn rolls her eyes. She knows why I don’t want to move this woman out to the cabins. I want Danny’s sister to stay in as close proximity to me as possible, and since I doubt she’s ready to be sleeping in my bed, the one next door is the next best thing.

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