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Hayden came to find her sister—not a man—but one look at King has all her female parts kicking into high gear. He’s autocratic and demanding and everything she shouldn’t like but she can’t help being attracted to the soft heart he keeps hidden. She should run away but every moment she spends with him has her wishing that her home could be the King’s Castle.



“Cabinsthree and six are occupied. Cabin two is reserved for our incoming guest. Number four should be here in”—I glance at my watch—“thirty minutes. Number five and seven are being cleaned. How long is the waiting list?”

Cynthia checks her tablet. “Twelve, King.”

“Damn.” The number never gets smaller. “When can we start construction of the rest of the cabins?”

“Not until March at the earliest.” Her glum tone matches my mood.

I pat her awkwardly on the back. “Nothing we can do for now. Why don’t you see what the girls in five and seven need since we’ve got the occupants flying in tomorrow?”

“Flying?” Cyn’s lip curls up.

“Jake’s picking them up.”


“What’s up with you and Jake anyway?”

“He’s a man and men suck.”

“I’m right here.”

“I’m sorry but it’s not my fault you were born with a dick.”

I drop my hand protectively around my crotch. “I’m a fan of my dick.”

“No one else is,” Cyn informs me.

“I mean...that’s your opinion.”

“No one here likes dicks. Dicks are bad and Jake has a dick.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” I haven’t checked out Jake’s package and have no intention of doing so.

“We should get a female pilot.” Cyn makes a note in the tablet while I fold the week’s itinerary and tuck it into my back pocket.

“If you find one, let me know.”

“I’ll put an ad in the paper.” Cyn jots something down. Probably, how to get rid of a body in the north woods.

“We live in a town of five hundred,” I remind my cousin.

“If you offer enough, you could lure someone out here.” Her chin comes out, as it always does when she is feeling particularly aggressive. “Aren’t you getting a doctor to come here?”

“Maybe? The jury’s still out. She may take one look at this place and hate it. She’s a city girl.” Cyn makes a disgusted face. “If she doesn’t like it, we don’t want her here.”

“Pretty soon you’ll be kicking me out,” I joke.

The ominous silence that greets me is a tad alarming, but since my name is on the deed and it’s my bank account that funds this haven I think I’m safe, although maybe I’ll start locking my door at night.

The doorbell rings and Cyn’s sassy mood dissipates. She folds the tablet across her chest and looks warily at the door. Inwardly, I curse out her ex. He’s in jail now and he better die there because the minute he steps out of his cell, I’m killing him.

“I thought you were checking on five and seven,” I prompt.

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