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I pull my shirt off over my head. “Say it again.”

“I love you, Tyson Carter.”

“And again,” I demand as I shed my jeans.

“I love you to the moon and back.”

“You’re my whole universe, Rory.” I peel off her clothes and slide inside of her, forgetting my promise to make her suffer. She’s wet and hot and welcoming. Her legs part, and her arms come up to clutch my body close.

“And you’re my whole life, Tyson.”

“Merry Christmas,” I murmur, and then I shut up so that I can give her the greatest present of all—orgasms! Nah, kidding, it’s love.




“Tyson!”I cry out as I start to come. I was so sure I was dreaming. Or I suppose it’s a mix of both. I’d been dreaming about my husband, his face between my thighs, to only wake with it actually happening.

“You taste sweeter,” I hear him say. My mind is still foggy with sleep. “Obviously my wife is keeping shit from me,” he mutters.

“What?” I ask, thinking I’ve missed something. He doesn’t answer me, though. Instead, he flips me over, grabbing my hips and pulling me to my knees. A half-second later, he’s thrusting all the way inside of me. “Don’t like when you keep shit from me.”

“I don’t know—” His hand comes down on my ass, giving it a hard slap. I gasp, my pussy clamping down around his cock, making him groan.

“Don’t try to make me come already or your little ass is in trouble.”

“I can’t help it.”

“You can help by not keeping shit from me.” I try to speak again, but he starts to thrust into me harder. All I can get out are moans as he plows into me from behind. It’s rough and sweet at the same time. I never know how he manages to do that, but he does. My husband always takes care of me. He knows exactly what I need before I do. It’s always been that way with us.

“Tyson,” I get out. My fingers grip the sheets, needing something to cling to. I’m so close already, but I know he’s not going to let me come until he gets what he wants.

My Tyson doesn’t need or want a lot of things, but when he does, he can become a bit obsessive about whatever it is. Me being one of his obsessions means he knows everything about me. That includes my body. He can get me off better than I ever could myself. He can draw it out for me or have me coming before I even know what’s happening.

“Want my fingers on your clit, baby?” he asks, but we both know he’s not really asking. He already knows what I need. It’s just a matter of when he’s going to give it to me.

“Please,” I beg.

His fingers slip between my thighs, quickly finding my clit as he keeps rutting into me from behind. It doesn’t take me long to lose it. My whole body tightens as I come undone. Tyson keeps me on my knees as I pull him over with me. He groans my name as his heat spills deep inside of me.

He drops to his side, rolling me with him. He moves my body around as if I weigh no more than a doll. His cock stays seated inside of me as he spoons me, his face buried in the side of my neck.

“I know this body, and I’ve given you three days to come clean,” he whispers against my ear.

“Seriously?” I huff. “I only realized last night, and I was saving it as a gift! Do you know how hard it is to get a present for a man who can buy anything he wants?”

“I don’t want for anything. You gave me all I could have ever wanted when you let me marry you. My life is full with our little family.”

“Let you?” I burst out laughing. He rolls, pinning me under him. I slip my hands up his bare chest and around his neck. It never gets old waking up to this man.

“You agreed to marry me,” he huffs right back, making me smile up at him. I did. Who wouldn't? Marrying him was the best decision I ever made in my life. Us being together was inevitable. The things Tyson has not only done for me but the boys has him owning every part of me. He showed me the kind of man he is. One I’ll never let go. One that I want to have my own babies with.

“I did. I let you put a baby inside of me too,” I tell him. I was going to give him the positive test in a little box I wrapped for Christmas today.

I’d been feeling off the past few days. I was sure it was too soon for me to be pregnant. I hadn’t been off my birth control long. The only thing that had been holding me back from us having a baby is wanting my brothers to grow up a bit more. They deserved as much attention as I could give them. Logan is about to hit his teens and has his own little life with his friends.

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