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“There somethingyou want to tell me?” Tammy asks as I restock the sugar caddies on the tables in the diner. We’re a bit slow today for some reason.

Normally, I’d be down about it, knowing the busier we are the faster the time goes and the more money I’ll make. But nothing can put a damper on my mood today. I’m riding a bit of a high from everything that happened with Tyson. Last night was one of the best nights of my life. It actually has me dreaming of the possibility of having more one day.

I can’t stop smiling. Even knowing my mother is lingering around the house right now. Who even knows if she’s pulled herself out of bed yet? Right now, I couldn’t care less. There is nothing I can do about that. She is who she is at this point, and I have to bide my time and deal with her until the boys get older.

“Not that I can think of.” I search my mind. I haven't heard any good gossip today. Sometimes we score big, but nothing juicy is going around at the moment. People seem to only be talking about the Justice men dropping like flies and falling in love. It might be in the air or something.

“You’re all smiles, and people are thinking Tyson Carter might be dead. You do it?” She’s always riding me about Tyson. I think she and a few of the cooks have bets on when I’m going to give in to him.

“What are you talking about?” I’d ended up falling asleep in his truck on top of him. I think it might have been the best sleep of my life. It’s been that way the last few nights. When he’s close, I sleep like a baby. There’s something about having him at my back that puts me at ease.

“He hasn’t posted on social media in the last few days. His followers are getting worried.” I fight a smile.

“Maybe he was busy.” I shrug.

“Busy being murdered by you? That why you’re smiling so much today? You need an alibi? I was alone last night. You can say you were at my place.”

“Damn, Tammy. I didn’t know you’d go that deep for me.” I laugh.

“Sometimes you kill a man. These things happen to us women. No need to go to jail over it.” She winks at me. I only laugh harder. The bell on the front door chimes, and we both turn to see who is coming in.

“Love that sound,” Tyson says as he enters the diner. Butterflies fill my stomach at the sight of him. He looks so damn handsome, and he’s all mine.

“You look good for a dead man. Not shocking.” Tammy winks at him before heading into the back.

“You come for lunch?” Tyson clears the space between us, pulling me into his arms. His mouth comes down onto mine in a deep kiss. I melt into him. There is no fight left inside me when it comes to this man. He can do whatever he wants to my body at this point. I’ll let him.

“I came for you, and you know it,” he says against my mouth, causing me to smile.

“Pretty sure I was the only one that came.”

“You’re killing me.” He gives my ass a squeeze.

His cock hard cock presses into my stomach, making heat settle between my thighs. Last night he made it more than clear this isn’t about him getting his rocks off. He could have done it all right there in his truck. I mean, I’d offered, but the Tyson Carter I’ve really come to know is always giving when it comes to me. I find myself wanting to give to him, too.

“I’ve missed you,” I tell him. He gives me a smile that lights up his eyes.

“I got something for you.”

“I can feel that.” I wiggle my brows at him. He’s opened up these desires I didn’t know I had, and they are spilling out now whenever he’s around.

“Rory.” A deep rumble comes from inside him, making me laugh. I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed this much. Or even been this happy. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out an envelope and hands it over. “It’s your share.”

I peek inside. “Seriously? Did you add to this or something?” This is double what I make on my own in a night doing deliveries. I thumb through the cash and see I’m wrong. It’s triple the amount. Holy crap.

“Nope. If you can take more deliveries, you get more money. I was actually working on this app for you this morning. I have an online tech friend helping me. Think it’s going to help a ton. You could really have something big with delivery to folks outside of city limits. The normal apps won’t let them order. You’ll get to scoop them all up and grab locals too.”

I’ve been picking up a lot of orders, but all by word of mouth from people who live a bit outside of town. I was able to charge a higher delivery fee, so it paid well.

“You’re really something, Tyson Carter. You know that?” I run my hands up his chest.

“Been trying to tell you that for years.”

“You know your followers think you’re dead, right?”

“I’ll get to that later. Told the boys I’d do some videos with them tonight so they’ll see then that I’m still kicking.”

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