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“What about the baby...?” she whispers and I tilt my head to the side.

“He’s sleeping. And I’ll be quiet.” I stroke my hand along her plump cheek. “Think you can do the same.”

“I’ll t...try,” she stutters, blushing before her eyes flare. “Oh Jair, what is that?”

My eyes go to my knuckles and I flinch.Blood. Fuck! Furious that I touched her without washing my hands first, I tear myself away from her and rush into the kitchen. Turning on the water, I scrub my hands with dish soap while cursing to myself.

“You’re scrubbing your skin off,” Autumn whines, hurrying over to me and she pats me dry. Licking her lips, she slams her plump mouth down on mine. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re always so careful, you’re allowed to mess up...”

“You could’ve gotten that filth on you,” I growl and I’m furious with myself. “You don’t get it, Autumn. You’re my safe haven and I never want you coming in contact with that side of my life.”

“I don’t,” she whispers and shakes her head. “You keep me protected.”

“Tonight I didn’t,” I grit between my teeth before rubbing my eyes.Fuck. I place a peck on Autumn’s lips. “Love you. I’ll go check on the kid.”

“Love you too and please, don’t beat yourself up about this...,” Autumn groans and I know she wants to comfort me but I don’t deserve comfort after what I just did. Grabbing our sleeping boy, I put him in his playpen to make sure he doesn’t fall down from the couch. I stroke his head with my now very clean hands when Autumn calls from upstairs.

“Oh Jair...,” she purrs and the hair on my nape stands because there’s just something about her voice that makes my blood boil. “Look what I found far back in the closet.”

Rounding the corner, I come to a full stop when I see Autumn standing at the top of the staircase dressed in her candy striper uniform. Swallowing I rasp, “You’re playing with fire, sweet cheeks.”

She pouts and whirls her hips around in a way that makes my head spin and a pulse pounds in my temples. “Fuck, you make me love my life,” I groan and she sniggers when I lunge at the pink and white vision in front of me. I was starting to feel like shit but now I feel like a fucking king again. And that’s the thing about Autumn.

The love of my life can turn anything into gold.

The End

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