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“John, are you sure you don’t want to go back in?” Autumn murmurs and clasps my face in her palms. “It would kill me if something happened to you.” Her hand slides over my chest. “And your heart’s beating fast and you’ve lost so much energy...,” she trails off, flushing and I finish,

“Fucking you. Is that what you were trying to say?”

She cries out from embarrassment, burying her head in my throat and she’s getting hot again. She’s ready for another round because this hot little piece just can’t get enough, can she? And neither can I. Groaning, I slide a hand down her slender back and she arches, her hips rocking against me and my eyes roll back in my head when I catch a figure lurking around the car.

I freeze.

They could hurt Autumn.

I flick her off my lap and onto the other seat, the same moment as the figure pounds with his fist on the window.

“Jair!” the figure growls, his face hidden beneath a hoodie and I don’t even know what the hell jair means but I don’t care. Suddenly there’s so much peace in my body despite the violent thoughts rushing through my head.

Maim. Torment. Kill.

For some reason the thoughts feel familiar to me and my muscles swell. With a snarl, I shove the car door open and it hits the figure right in his torso. He gasps for air, falling to the ground and I get out of the car and grab him around the throat before pushing him into a lamppost.

“Jair, what the fuck?” the figure grunts but I’m not listening. He was creeping around Autumn’s car, maybe even watching her while she was half naked and grinding on me. At the thought of the man knowing what Autumn looks like in her carnal throes, I see red and grab his arm and pull. His shoulder that’s in a casket pops and he screams,

“Fuck, I just had that fixed. What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“You were looking at her,” I growl and plant a kick to his knee cap before roaring in his face. “You were watching mywife!”

“I wasn’t! I didn’t see anything and you don’t have a wife,” the stranger yells, paling when I fill with fury at the lie and I think I’m about to kill him when his jacket slides, revealing a tattoo on the side of his torso. I flinch because it’s similar to the ones I have, though I’m covered in them and he’s not.

Blinking, I wrap my hand around the man’s throat and squeeze. “What the fuck did you say?”

Sounding like it’s happening in the far distance, I hear Autumn get out of the car and she cries,

“John, please cut it out. Let go of him. You’ll end up in prison.”

“Men like him don’t go to prison,” the stranger chokes before giving Autumn a side eye, “but thanks for trying to save me, chit.”

I squeeze harder and the stranger groans, “And his name’s not John. It’s Jair. Jair Jarek.”

Letting out a whimper, Autumn walks over to us and whispers. “John, let go, nice and slow. And we need to leave. You and me. Let’s just leave.”

There’s nothing I want more than to leave with Autumn but this man knows who I am. He knows my past which means he knows my future. “Why do you have that tattoo?” I growl. “What does it stand for?”

The stranger’s eyes round and he’s looking at me like I’m crazy. “You don’t know? Fuck, you’ve lost your memory or something?” He looks at Autumn who silently nods and I snarl,

“Answer the question, punk before I vivisect you!”

Gulping, the stranger replies, “Stands for the Nordic Mafia.”

Autumn moans in fear and leans her head against my back. “John, don’t listen to him. I’m not letting you get entangled in this bad business.” She whimpers again. “He’s just lying to you.”

The stranger snorts. “I’ll take you to the compound up north right now, if you want. Boss will be happy to see you. We wondered where you went.”

“Fuck, does that mean?” I grunt.

“You’ve been gone for a fucking month, Jair. You were heading down south to deal with some petty crimes when you disappeared without a trace.” He raises his brows. “I was here for my cousin’s wedding, it got a little frisky at the reception and I ended up in the hospital. Last thing I expected was seeing you here.”

He frowns again. “Wasn’t even sure it was you. The redhead pulled you away so fast, I barely caught a glimpse.”

“Alright that’s e...enough,” Autumn stutters. “We’re done here. There’s no Nordic Mafia and John’s not some made man. He’s a patient...,” Autumn licks her lips, “and he’s in a vulnerable state and you’re just trying to use him.”

“Sweet cheeks...,” I say gently to get her to calm down because she’s working herself up and the stranger bursts into laughter.

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