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I’m going to coax her into it if I have to and I give her a soft kiss to make her relax. I wait for that low moan and for her limbs to wrap around me and I make sure that any part of her that might be showing is covered by the blanket and then I go at it. The kiss turns deeper and deeper until Autumn gasps from the sudden violence and her eyes flare.

Ignoring her, I twirl my fingers around her tresses and kiss her cheeks, her throat until I find my way to her cleavage and her skin’s running hot. She’s like a fucking little hot water bottle. Can barely feel the breeze in the wind and I need that bouncy body of hers so damn much.

At least she’s not innocent. At least I won’t have to be careful and take my time and she gasps when I pull up my clothes and she stares at my jutting shaft. You’d think she’d never seen it before because she clasps a hand over her mouth and gawks.

“Oh John...,” she pants, “I’m so sorry...”

Brows curving, I grunt. “For what?”

“For t...that.” She gasps again. “It must be so difficult carrying t...that around at all times.”

Cock. That’s what it’s called. Why won’t she say it?

Funny, little wife of mine. Acting all coy but its turning me on and I hurry to get to her slit. My eyes roll back in my head at the sight of it and I need that fucking oxygen mask again. I can barely breathe from having her thick legs wrapped around me, her soft belly cushioning me and that heat of stings with its sweet spiciness.

Taking her hand, I use it to clasp me around the base and she pants. And her grip is way too soft, her nails clean and short and polished and she drives me wild with her primness. I groan when she slowly rubs my bulge and I sneer when I realize she’s playing with it.Toying. Fuck, she does a good job of keeping up the act and her jaw drops when the tip turns shiny.

“Enough teasing,” I growl. “Take it. Now.”

I know I’m acting like a bastard but I can’t help it and when she slowly shakes her head in helplessness, I grab her hips and put her where I want her myself. She cries out in surprise, burying the sound against my shoulder. Hell, what’s this...She was ready, warm and welcoming which is why her reaction makes no sense.

“Tight as unicorn bait...if I didn’t know any better I’d think this is your first time.”

Looking up at me, her face turns distressed. “It is, John. It’s my first time.”

Can’t be...what the...fuck, what is going on here...

My face distorts from the confusion and Autumn lets out a cry, joining our lips together to pacify me and it works. I forget all about her inexperience and toss my head back and groan. She feels so damn good and her choked moans mix with the sound of the rustling leaves and the sound of the pond.

Her pussy’s blushing over my cock, eager and voracious and she pumps her hips against me, recklessly and innocently and she growls my name when she comes the first time. Her lush body shudders from the small tremors and she looks at me in surprise as if she can’t believe I’m the one responsible.

“Keep going...,” I snarl and her eyes flare, “you’re not done yet.”

“Please...,” she begs even if she doesn’t know what she’s pleading for and she picks up a quicker rhythm and gasps in shock when my head bobs. “John, please don’t faint!” she cries silently but I can’t guarantee anything and she clasps my face in her hands, her mouth turning wet and red and the moans she makes are killing me so fucking softly I can’t feel my muscles anymore.

Her legs are spread wide over my lap and I rip up the top of her dress, to get to her tits and I jealously snarl while kissing them. They’re mine and if anyone gets a peek, I’ll kill them. This isourmating.

And we kill whoever witnesses a mating.

Frowning and not knowing where that thought came from, I brush off the confusion and focus on Autumn’s pleasure filled face. Her eyes are hooded, her cheeks bright red and that gaze of hers is glassy as if she sees everything in a haze. Sucking on her tongue, I groan when her pussy floods me and I feel tingles all the way from my spine to my scalp. She’s a hot piece of fresh kitty and I slake all my pent-up lust on her, unable to hold back any longer and I shove at her with my hips.

She pants and tugs at my collar and begins licking my tattoos in a frenzy. “Such a big beast...,” she moans, “stretching me so much...” She blushes furiously as if she can’t believe that came out of her mouth and she lets out a sob from the embarrassment but I’m already busy growling from satisfaction.

Hearing her call me a big beast...

Kinder words have never been spoken.

And I look down at her glistening slit and she’s so tight she spasms like fireworks and when I flick her nerve filled cherry, she erupts like a fucking carnival girl.

Fisting my clothes, she shouts my name into my throat and I groan, quick to follow her and we chase each other to the edge and jump.

Panting, I take her face and give her a warm kiss. “You have no idea how much you’ve pleased me. Did I do the same?”

Her eyes sparkle and she kisses my chest, giving a little nod and my heart jumps in my chest.

I love this little candy striper.

I love her.

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