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“Julie, it’s why we had a big team to begin with, remember? Best back-up plan, just like Peary’s expedition that reached the Pole first all those years ago.” Mason patted her on the leg.

“His claim was debunked. He stopped sixty miles too short.” She rested her hands in her lap.

“All the more reason for you two to keep going.” Mason grabbed her hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze.

“What do you say, Jules?” Gunnar shifted next to her, a thread of excitement she remembered well from high school laced in his voice. “Want to go on an adventure with me?”

“Always.” Her answer sprang from her lips the instant his question finished.

His toothy smile split his bearded face and sent dragonflies hovering in her stomach. She hadn’t gotten this excited since their trips in high school. They’d always taken care of each other then, getting to their goals with no life-threatening incidents. They could make the next two-hundred thirty miles together safely.

She bit her bottom lip and tried to focus on what Mason jabbered on about, but only one thought raced through her head. She and Gunnar were about to be very, very alone. No one would be around to interrupt their kissing. She unzipped her coat, suddenly roasting in her layers.

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