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She did as he asked, and he pressed the tip of his cock deep inside her. He filled her pussy hard, and she watched as her lips opened around his cock.

Her cream coated his shaft as he withdrew until only the tip of him was inside her before slamming in deep. He felt so good, and she didn’t want him to stop.


Maddie’s pussy was so fucking tight, but he didn’t want to finish there. He’d planned this a few days ago when the negligee he’d ordered online finally arrived. The moment Caleb saw it on the site he knew Maddie would look so sexy in it that he couldn’t resist getting it for her.

Her body featured in all of his fantasies, and he didn’t want to miss any moment where he could have her all to himself.

Watching his cock fill her pussy, he groaned as her cream smeared on his dick. Each thrust within her, and he felt how wet and ready she was, and it was so fucking arousing.

He counted to ten in his head, then to twenty just to try to focus on something other than the pleasure of her pussy.

Tonight wasn’t about a quick fuck, or making love. He wanted to explore every inch of her, and to claim every single part of her as his own.

“You feel that, Maddie? That’s how good it is to have you on my cock.”

“I feel how good it is to have you inside me.”

They both moaned, and he held onto her hips, thrusting inside her hard before he finally pulled out of her.

She released a whimper, but he turned her over on the bed, moving her so that she lay against the pillows on her stomach.

Moving over her, he slapped her ass, and pressed kisses against her neck. He pulled her red hair aside, and began to slowly kiss down her back, trailing the path of her spine before he paused at her ass, biting one cheek, then kissing it before doing the same with the other one. He straddled her legs as he cupped her ass.

Spreading her ass wide, he saw her puckered anus, and ran a finger down across her forbidden entrance.

“You know, since that moment in the barn, I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to take this little asshole.” He pressed a finger deep inside her and smiled as she gasped, arching up to his touch. “With how you’re driving back against me, I think you want it as much as I do.”

Releasing her ass, he gave her cheeks a little slap and climbed off her. He’d done a great deal of research, and that wasn’t just reading her books either. He’d used the internet to make sure he got everything perfect for Maddie.

He wanted to arouse her, to take their pleasure to a whole new level.

Smearing plenty of lubrication onto his cock, he moved back between her legs and got her onto her knees.

“I want you to spread your ass open for me, baby.”

He saw her hands were shaking a little. He was nervous as well.

Maddie spread her ass cheeks for him, and he pressed the tip of his cock against her. She was already slick from her own arousal, which was why he’d wanted her to play before he’d even arrived. He wanted her ready for this moment.

Her tight ring of muscles kept him out, but he was persistent, pressing his dick against her ass. She cried out at the first inch, and he paused, running his hands over her ass and waiting for her to get accustomed to the feel of his cock, which was wider than his fingers.

Stroking across her back, he waited, and when she nodded her head, he thrust another inch inside her.

“It’s so big,” she said, whimpering.

He held his shaft, waiting. With each inch inside her, he paused, giving her time to get accustomed to him until finally she had all of him balls deep in her hot ass.

She still held her ass open, and he stroked a path down her back, closing his eyes as she felt each pulse of her contracting around him.

The pleasure was intense, and he’d not been prepared for that.

“Are you okay, baby?” he asked.

“Yes, yes.”

He took hold of her hands, giving them a gentle squeeze before letting them go to hold onto her hips.

Slowly, he eased out of her ass by only a few inches before pressing inside her. He took slow, shallow thrusts, letting her get used to the feel of him fucking her ass.

When she began to press back against him, taking his cock a little harder, he built up until only the tip of his cock remained with her, and fucked her. He didn’t rush, creating a steady pace for the two of them.

“Touch your pussy, Maddie,” he said.

She reached between her legs and began to play with her cunt, which only made her ass tighten around him.

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