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“This isn’t fair,” she said, whimpering.

He smiled. “My dick is still in my jeans, babe. Believe me, I’m going to be fucking you soon.” He didn’t trust himself not to come just at the sight of her losing control.

Maddie gave all of herself. She never did anything by half, and he fucking loved it. Just like he loved her, and he couldn’t deny it.

She gave him trust without asking for anything in return. After being used to a lot of women’s selfish behavior, especially that in his ex-wife, he was shocked by Maddie’s openness. He truly believed she’d been given to him as a gift, and he was going to treasure her.

“Please,” she said. “I can’t take much more.”

Running his tongue around her clit, he glided it down to tease over her entrance, tasting her. She was so wet.

He began to work his finger in and out of her ass.

She wriggled against him, or at least, as much as she could with her hands bound above her head.

Caleb knew not to push too far, so he began to lick and suck at her pretty cunt, tasting her, relishing each moan. He didn’t stop, and he felt her arousal building once again as her ass tightened around his finger.

He teased her with the prospect of not having her orgasm, keeping her there, and when he could no longer stand to wait, he hurtled her over the edge.

She came hard, screaming his name, clutching the finger inside her ass, and shaking. The orgasm was one of the strongest he’d ever felt her have. Throughout it all, he didn’t stop licking her cunt, or finger-fucking her ass. His cock would be there soon, and when it was, she would know exactly who claimed her. There wouldn’t be a single doubt in his mind or in hers.

If she thought for a second that he had any interest in Emily, she was fucking mistaken. Any man that picked Emily over her was a fucking idiot. Chad’s loss was his gain. There was no way he could have ever imagined having her as his nanny or anything if she’d been with Chad.

He hated the thought of her being with anyone else but him. She belonged to him, just as he did to her.

Pulling his finger from her ass, he pressed a kiss to her clit and moved toward the bucket of water he’d placed there. Washing his hands, he stood up and fixed the button of his jeans, opening it up, and sliding the denim across his rock-hard cock.

When he wrapped his fingers around the length, the tip was already wet with his pre-cum. He worked his cream around the tip of his dick, and down, and he groaned. Even the touch of his own hand was more pleasure than he could bear.

He let his cock go, and stepped in front of Maddie once more. He didn’t know why she tried to hide her body from him. She was so fucking sexy. He got it that some men loved slender women with protruding bones, but he wasn’t one of those men. He loved a woman with curves. Her rounded ass and stomach were a turn-on to him, as were her sexy cunt and full tits.

She was, to him, the perfect woman.

Gripping her ass, he lifted her up, and she didn’t fight him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, giving him room to reach for his cock, and to run it between her slit. She was so wet.

Pressing the tip of his cock against her, inch by glorious inch, he began to fill her, sliding his cock inside her until he was seated to the hilt within her.

Tiny ripples of her cunt squeezed him, and he simply held still, basking in the aftershocks of her orgasm.

When he couldn’t stand it any longer, he removed the blindfold from her eyes.

Pulling out of her cunt, he began to rock inside her.

She pressed her lips against his, and he fucked her as he took her kiss. The angle wasn’t there, so reaching up, he unbound her hands, and let her go. Moving her toward the table he’d placed in the barn, he lifted her up, and placed her down on top of it. He’d been preparing the barn for nearly a week.

Spreading her legs open, he held the lips of her pussy apart, and placing his shaft on her slit, he bumped across her clit a couple of times before going to her cunt, and fucking inside her in one hard thrust.

They both cried out together. He relished the sounds as he pounded her pussy. He’d secured the table to the floor so he didn’t have to worry about it pushing across the room.

She stayed in place as he took her hard.

Lifting her up, with his cock still inside her, he pulled her head down for a kiss. He couldn’t get enough of her.

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