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“You’re the first person to ever say that to me.”

Chapter Five

Caleb didn’t think her sister was all that. He didn’t like the guy she’d been with as well. The way they had cornered Maddie pissed him off. It was like they had done it on purpose, and he’d seen the anger in Emily’s eyes. He didn’t find her beautiful at all. In fact, he believed she had to be one of the ugliest women he’d ever seen with the way she treated Maddie.

He didn’t get it. Emily slept with her sister’s fiancé, and yet Maddie was made to feel bad.

She was a beautiful, sexy, amazing woman. Any person who got her would be a lucky bastard.

Pulling up outside his ranch, he released her hand. “Hold on,” he said.

Climbing out of his truck, he rounded to her side and helped her out. He closed the door and pressed her against it.

“Don’t ever let them get to you. They’re not worth it.”

She rested her hands on his chest. “You’re a good man, Caleb.”

He didn’t feel like a good man. Far from it, in fact. As he stared down at her plump lips, his cock began to swell. This was his nanny, but he didn’t give a fuck. She was beautiful, and he’d seen her hurting, and now he wanted to comfort her.

Sinking his fingers into her hair, he tilted her head back.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Her lips would look so good wrapped around his cock. He didn’t think about anyone else, and focused instead on his own needs. Slamming his lips down on hers, he felt her hands slide up his chest, wrapping around his neck as he claimed her lips.

When he ran his tongue across her mouth, she opened up and he plunged inside, feeling her moan and press against him.

Her tits felt fucking amazing. Gripping her ripe ass, he pulled her close, letting her feel exactly how aroused he was. He wanted to take her then and there.

“This is wrong,” she said. “I was on a date with someone else.”

“And I was the one that brought you home.” He kissed down her neck to the pulse at the side. Flicking his tongue across it, he heard her moan. “You want me, Maddie.”

She whimpered.

“You can have me.” He pulled back slightly. “All you’ve got to do is say the word.”

“I can’t lose my job.”

“It’s not going to get lost. I still need your help on the ranch.”

“You just want a little fun.”

“We’ve both been scorned by people of the opposite sex. Why can’t we find some comfort in each other?” he asked.

This had nothing to do with Ivory.

He wanted Maddie so damn much, and after tonight, he couldn’t stand the thought of her being on a date with anyone else. She belonged to him. He couldn’t give her up. He didn’t want to.

The time she’d been at the ranch, he’d grown addicted to hearing her laugh, seeing her smile, and of course watching his daughter grow attached. He was attached.

Lifting her up in his arms, he carried her toward the house.

“What are you doing?”

“Making the decision easy for you.”

Entering their home, he carried her up toward his bedroom. He closed the door behind him and turned toward her. “Saying no will not affect your job. We’re going to be living together, and I have no interest in living uncomfortably in my own home.” He tugged his shirt off his bed. “I want to fuck you, and I know you want me. I bet you’re even wet for me right now.” Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her close. Her body was so soft against him.

He eased open the buttons of her shirt, and not once did she fight him. “Do you want me, baby?” he asked.

“Yes. I want you.”

“Then you can have me. I’m right here for the taking.” Pushing her shirt to the floor, he unsnapped her bra, putting that on top of the shirt she’d been wearing. Her tits were fucking incredible with hard, red nipples. They were more than a handful. They were designed to be loved. Cupping her tits, he leaned forward, flicking one of the tips, hearing her moan, relishing it.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he said. He couldn’t get enough. Sucking on one nipple, he slid his tongue across her chest, going to the other, and she tasted so good as well.

Her hands attacked his jeans, opening the belt, followed by the button until she was pushing them to the floor. He released her as she sank to the floor, taking his boxer briefs with her. His cock sprang forward, and he saw the tip was already leaking pre-cum.

She wrapped her fingers around the length, and he liked that her touch was hesitant, as if she wasn’t used to touching a man before.

“Was Chad the only guy you’d been with?” he asked.

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