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Pushing the finger inside her, then another, he stretched her even as his satin-steel lips and slick wet tongue worked her, making her hold her breath, giving her pleasure until her toes started to curl and she saw stars behind her eyes.

She couldn’t...

Oh, this was so good!

She mustn’t...

Don’t stop!

As he lapped her with his wide tongue, his thick fingers inside her, her shaking intensified. Pushing her thighs more roughly apart, he suckled her, twirling her with the tip of his tongue, then lapping her. Her hips twisted beneath him, but he held her tight against his mouth, forcing her to surrender, to accept the pleasure. She gripped his shoulders, and her back started to arch. Her hips rose from the bed as she started to writhe beneath him. Her lips parted as she held her breath...held it and held it and...

Pleasure exploded in patterns of light and color. She cried out, gripping into his shoulders, deep, deep, deep with her fingernails, her dark hair flying in a cloud as she shuddered and shook and gasped for air.

Lifting his mouth off her, he positioned his hips between her legs. He filled her with a single thrust.

She cried out as he ripped ruthlessly through her barrier, impaling her to the hilt, hard and deep. In the middle of blinding pleasure, she felt searing pain.

He didn’t move, just held himself still inside her. He took a deep breath, as if steadying himself. Then he lowered his head to her ear. She could hear the masculine smugness, the triumph in his cruel, sensual whisper.

“You’re mine now.”

* * *

Kassius nearly passed out with the sensation of burying himself inside her hot, tight sheath.

She felt so good. Even better than he’d dreamed. Her body was soft and slick with sweat and the loud cry of her pleasure was still ringing in his ears. For a moment, his hard thick length pulsed wildly inside her, and he had to fight to keep himself from exploding right there and then, on the first thrust.

For the last hour, he’d held himself back. He liked to believe he had amazing self-control, but a man could only stand so much.

Kissing Laney, suckling her, feeling her naked body against his own, tasting her—it had been sweet torture. All he’d been able to think about was how desperately he wanted to plunge himself inside her tight body, to fill her with a single thrust. She’d sorely tested his self-restraint as he proved she was a woman made for loving, built for pleasure.

Laney—frigid! He still marveled at the ridiculous idea. He could hardly believe that any man had convinced her of that. But he was almost glad. Now she was his, and his alone. She’d been trembling and warm, a goddess of desire.

He’d never wanted any woman more.

And he wasn’t interested in a one-night stand. He didn’t want a simple love affair. He didn’t want to spend weeks, months, years pursuing her, convincing her of his love.

Kassius was ready to settle down. He wanted a real home, with the pride of a wife and family in addition to the success of his business empire.

But not just any woman would do. He needed a wife he could trust. An old-fashioned woman who would be devoted to their family and home—and obey his every command. All that, and she had to be so delicious in bed that he’d want no other.

He’d found her.

He could have just seduced her, without playing the game or extracting her promise. But he’d wanted Laney Henry to know exactly what he intended to take from her—and what he intended to give. He wanted their relationship sealed without question, starting as he meant to go on. With her full and complete surrender.

She would be his wife. He’d get her pregnant as soon as possible.

A low groan came from him at the thought of Laney, heavily pregnant, buxom and round. As he’d first pushed inside her, filling her deeply with one rough thrust, it was lucky he hadn’t immediately exploded inside her like a damned volcano.

Now, so deeply inside her, he held himself very still, holding his breath until he could regain control. Then he looked down at her beautiful face, glorying in the moment of his possession as he said huskily, “You’re mine now.”

She opened her big brown eyes, and he saw her pain. The ecstasy had disappeared. Instead, her teeth were clenched. Virgin. Damn it. He cursed himself silently. He’d been so focused on his previous goal of giving her pleasure, then his desperation to satisfy his own pent-up desire, that he’d forgotten it would be painful for her.

He lowered his head. “I’m sorry,” he said in a low voice. “I forgot it can hurt the first time. I’ve never been with a virgin before.”

“Me neither,” she whispered and tried to smile.

Cupping her cheek, he lowered his head and kissed her lips gently. He tasted the salt of her tears. He kissed them away. At first, she didn’t respond. For long moments, he did not move his hips, just giving her body time to adjust to the feel of him, hard and deep inside her.

Then he heard a sound from her like a sigh, and in his soft, slow embrace, her shoulders started to relax. Tentatively, she reached up and stroked his chest, which was heavily muscled from his years training as a boxer and martial arts fighter.

He shuddered beneath her soft touch. Pressing his body against hers, he gloried in the sensation of her bare skin against his, the fullness of her breasts crushed against his chest.

She was soft, so soft. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a woman with a shape like this, so petite and sensual. Had he ever? He doubted it. His taste in lovers had always been conformist—he’d chosen the same tall, super-slender supermodels as every other billionaire, just as he chose the same type of sports car and expensive yacht and palatial ski lodge. In his business empire, he was an innovator. In his personal life, he’d been depressingly unoriginal.

Until now.

Until her.

He didn’t know how much longer he could keep still. Even after all this time without moving inside her, he was so hard and aching he thought he might burst. Feeling her softly curved body beneath his, so pliable and desirable in every way, he wanted to ride her, hard and fast, until he exploded with joy.

But even that wasn’t enough. Part of what had made him so crazy was watching her face as he gave her pleasure for the first time. Ten million dollars had been hanging in the balance, truly an immense fortune to someone with her background, and yet Laney still hadn’t been able to hide her own passionate nature, or resist her desire.

Kassius wanted more of that. He wanted to make her writhe and gasp all over again. To make her reach a level of ecstasy greater than the one before. To hear her cry out his name. Only that would satisfy him now.

He deepened the kiss, and when she kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, only then did he start to move inside her, inch by inch, with agonizing slowness that tortured him, when all he wanted to do was slam himself into her.

Instead, he swayed his hips back and forth, gritting his teeth as he held himself on the razor’s edge of self-control. Again. Slower. He stroked her.

She gave a soft gasp. He looked down at her beautiful face. Her eyes were squeezed shut with new rapture; her cheeks were rosy and flushed with heat. Her red, bruised lips parted, and he couldn’t resist the invitation. Lowering his mouth to hers, he nibbled her lower lip, flicking her with his tongue. As he kissed her, he finally started to increase the pace he thrust inside her, riding her harder, faster.

He felt the quick rise and fall of her breath beneath him, her lusciously full breasts moving against his chest. She writhed and swayed, and her fingernails dug into the flesh of his shoulders. Her whole body clenched beneath him as she held her breath, then suddenly she started to shake; suddenly she was screaming his name. His name...

It was too much. With a low cry, he thrust inside her one last time, so deep, deep, deep, he lost track of where he ended and she began, filling her to the core, and he felt such mind-blowing pleasure that his own low, hoarse shout joined hers as he exploded.

When he opened his eyes again, the moonlight had shifted slightly across the bed. He looked down, and saw that he was holding Laney’s petite body tightly in his arms. Odd. He’d never fallen asleep in a lover’s arms.

But he’d never had a night like this. Or a woman like this.

Laney’s long dark eyelashes fluttered across her creamy skin, her cheeks still flushed pink from the intensity of their lovemaking as she slept. Kassius felt a strange sense of tenderness as looked down at her, this woman who had fallen in front of his car, the employee of his father’s employee, who somehow already wielded such power over him. She didn’t realize how much.

And he’d make sure she never would.

She smiled in her dreams, her small body naked and warm in his arms, her long dark hair tumbling over the pillow they shared.

Marveling, Kassius took a deep breath. He was the only man who’d ever had her, and the only one who ever would. He would get her pregnant as soon as possible and make her his bride.

She’d be in his bed every night. The thought made him shiver inside. He intended to take long, hard use of her. She almost made him feel like he, too, was a virgin. As if, even with all his sexual experience, he’d never had the full measure of pleasure. Until her.

He had her now. And he never intended to let her go.


THE NEXT MORNING, Laney sighed in satisfaction as she rinsed shampoo from her hair. She yawned, stretching in the hot, steamy shower. She felt like she’d barely slept, but her whole body ached with happiness, every muscle, every sinew, especially the secret places Kassius had explored last night. She’d woken up glowing with happiness after a night in his bed, sleeping in his arms. She’d only woken when he’d stirred beside her when his phone rang. Some business call from a distant place. She’d felt grimy, so as he took the call, she’d stumbled into the shower.

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