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I take Sylph by the hand and lead her into the hall where there’s a utility room. Inside is full of extra vases and flower arrangements, along with mops and buckets. I put a broom stick through the handle of the door so no one can get in and lead her to the corner and lay her down on a pile of extra table clothes.

I lean down, giving her a peck on the lips. “I want you inside of me,” she says.

Sometimes, when I look at her, her beauty seems to come out of nowhere and strike me. She literally takes my breath away looking at her.

“I want to be inside of you too, but not here. Not like this. Right now, I just want to pleasure you.”

I lift her skirt and pull her panties off, tossing them into the shadows. We won’t be needing those any time soon.

She gasps. “Pleasuring is good too,” she says.

I spread her legs wide, marveling, again, at how wet she gets. “You have a beautiful pussy,” I tell her, the hunger evident in my voice.

She gives me a sexy little smile and starts rubbing her clit. “It’s all yours.”

I gently spread her pink folds with the tips of my fingers and start to explore her warm depths with my tongue. Her clit it hard. I pull back the hood shrouding it and begin to suck. She’s moaning and bucking her hips, begging for more.

“Holy shit, right there,” she says.

I continue to suckle on her and decide to add a couple fingers to the mix. Her back arches, eyes rolling back, possessed by the orgasm building up. I can feel the muscles inside of her tighten around my fingers. She’s close. But I’m not ready for it to end yet, so I slow my thrusts and give her time to calm down. Once she goes back to the quiet little moans, I start to work her over again. This time I add the third finger and hook them toward her g-spot. It’s when I add a forth finger that she can’t hold on anymore. She lets out a burst of sound that rings in my ears and her orgasm clamps down so hard on my fingers I’m afraid my hand will get stuck.

She starts furiously rubbing at her swollen clit and hunches and bears down, racked by yet another orgasm. My dick strains against my jeans. Watching this sexy woman orgasm twice in a row with her scent in my nose and on my tongue is more than I can take. I bust my load without ever being touched. Shit. The wet spot on my pants is going to be difficult to hide from our guests. But it was worth it.

Once Sylph comes down form her orgasm, she’s practically glowing. She looks at me with a radiant smile. “Are you sure those are fingers and not magic wands?” she says.

I laugh and shake my head. “It doesn’t take much to get you there, does it?” I say.

I’ve had women tell me they’ve orgasmed before, and I never really believed it. With Sylph it was undeniable and entirely addicting. All I want in life is to make her come over and over again. In fact, I’m getting hard again just thinking about it.

“Not when it comes to you. You know how to turn me on,” she says.

“We’re definitely sexually compatible. Aren’t we?”

“More than compatible. It feels like our bodies were made for each other.”

As soon as she says it, she looks stunned, like she might’ve said something wrong. Then she quickly says, “Maybe we should get back.”

She gets up and searches for her underwear. I want to tell her it’s more than just our bodies that is made each other. We belong together. Body and soul.

I don’t say that, though. Instead, I grumble and say, “If we have to. But I’m nowhere near done with you yet.”

She bites her lip. “Not a chance.”

We go back to the main room with our guests. I head to the bar for a drink while Sylph is cornered by one of my distant relatives who wants to know all about how she keeps herself looking so radiant. Sylph giggles because we both know the answer to that is sex. She gives me the nod to let me know she doesn’t need rescuing and I continue on to the bar.

Before I can get there, I’m ambushed by my siblings. They both wear the same mischievous look on their faces and it’s clear they’re up to something.

“Now what?” I say, losing my patience for them. They are always finding new ways to get on my nerves. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a game they play.

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