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He pulls back to study my face like I’m crazy. “I’ve never told you I loved you?” he asks like I’m making it up.

“Trust me. I would remember that.”

“Fuck.” He runs his hand through his hair. “Of course I fucking love you. I can’t even breathe when I’m not near you.”

My heart flutters, and I feel the baby kick again.

“The baby is moving,” I tell him, bringing his hand to my belly. I watch as awe takes over his face.

“We made that baby. Our first night together. The world knew we had to be together and made sure we’d always be tied to each other.”

Chapter Twelve


I see a glimmer of sadness in her eyes, and I can’t imagine why it’s there.

“What it is, sweetheart? What’s that thought you just had?”

She shrugs her shoulders, but when I wait, she starts to tell me.

“You said the world knew we had to be together. I wish my father would see it that way. I feel like my getting pregnant was just another reminder to him that I’m just like my mother. He always said I was like her, and I didn’t realize he meant it to mean I’m thirsty for attention.”

“Oh, Felicity, no.” I hold her face in my hands and look into her tear-filled eyes. “No, sweetheart, he didn’t mean it that way. I talked to him about it. And I even spoke with him privately after the wedding to smooth things over.”

She looks at me questioningly, but there is still so much hope there. “What do you mean?”

“He’d said the same to me once before, and I asked him what he meant by it. I didn’t know your mom, but I’d heard rumors, and I wanted to know why he would say such things about his daughter. He said that you’ve got her spirit. That people are drawn to you, but that you do it without trying.” I run my thumb across her cheek, wiping away the lone tear. “And after the wedding, he said he’d suspected that something had happened between you and me, and he wanted to give us space to make our own decisions about our relationship. He wanted to give us time to have our own world and to create our own family. He understands what happened between him and your mother won’t happen to us. That I will always give you the attention you need, even if you think you don’t need it.”

She gives me a little laugh, and I kiss her soft lips.

“I know how much your father loves you. When it comes to you, there is absolutely nothing you can do wrong. And though I may have blackmailed you into this relationship, I know I did it for the right reasons. We belong together.”

Felicity nods, and her soft smile eases every worry in my heart. I pushed her into this, but she understands why. She may have thought the baby was what was keeping me here, but that was never the case. It was the best surprise I’ve ever had—icing on top of an already perfect cake.

“Calder, make love to me.”

My lips are on hers before she finishes the last word. She only needs to ask. I’ll always give her what she wants. Slowly, I strip us until we’re both naked. Her warm skin rubs against mine, and I have to taste her.

“Lie back, sweetheart. I need you.”

I kneel on the floor in front of her and spread her legs. Her pussy is wet, and her lower lips are swollen with need. My cock hardens at the sight, and I open my mouth, covering as much of her as I can, and close my eyes, savoring her taste.

Her warm honey hits my mouth, and the flavor makes me insane for more. I drink down all that she gives me, and I lick her in long laps, begging for more. The feel of her hard clit against my tongue turns me on, and I feel cum dripping down my cock.

“Calder,” she gasps when I suck her into my mouth and nibble just a little.

Bringing two fingers up to her pussy, I push inside her wet channel and rub her most tender spot. As I put pressure on just the right place, her hips rise off the bed and her nails claw at the sheets.

Being able to give her this kind of pleasure makes me feel like a god, even though I’m the one kneeling.

Once I finish pulling every wave of her orgasm from her, I climb up her body, kissing all the special places I love on her as I go. When I get to her mouth, she holds my face and kisses me back so tenderly. The taste of her pussy passes between us, and the kiss is so powerful it only heightens the intimacy.

I hold myself over her, careful not to put any of my weight on her, and pull her legs around my hips. I push inside her wet heat, and her little body welcomes all ten inches of me. In one long thrust, I’m fully sheathed in heaven and well on my way to cumming.

Just one second inside her and I’m ready to come undone. I’ve never been so powerless before, and I don’t care. As long as Felicity is mine, she can have all of me. She can take it all.

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