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So that left only one thing.......

Biting back a smile she stood up and leaned back against the kitchen table. She'd never done anything so bold in her life, but this was for Jason. It didn't hurt that he was handcuffed and couldn't stop her.

"Are you sure you want to stop?" she asked coyly.

"Yes," he hissed, still panting.

"Hmmm, then perhaps we should just talk?" she suggested as she stepped out of her high heels.

Jason's eyes narrowed on the action as he absently nodded.

"I think we should forget about being friends, Haley, and go our separate ways," he said, looking up, but not quite meeting her eyes. "Once my house sells I'm moving away for good."

"That's really not going to work for me," Haley said, reaching up and slowly unbuttoning her silk blouse.

"That's too damn bad, Haley! I'm moving. You need to move on," he snapped, clearly trying not to watch as she revealed a black lacy bra.

"Have you moved on?" she casually asked, gently shrugging out of her shirt.

"Yes," he said without any hesitation.

"I see," Haley said, biting back a smile as his eyes practically devoured her.

She reached back and released the fastenings on her skirt and watched as Jason followed the skirt as it hit the floor, hesitating at the matching black panties. Haley stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside before leaning back against the table.

"So," she said, tracing the top of her bra with the tip of her finger, "you're over me?"


"I guess this means you want me to get dressed and leave," she said, having absolutely no intention of leaving until he was hers.

He hesitated, making her smile. "Yes."

"That's a damn shame," Haley said, reaching up between her br**sts and undoing the front clasp. She held the cups together as she studied him. He couldn't seem to stop shifting in his chair or take his eyes off her.

"What is?" Jason asked distractedly.

"Well, what if I don't want it to be over?" she asked, slowly peeling away each cup, revealing tight hard ni**les.

Jason cursed softly as she let the bra drop to the floor. "You don't care," she started to ask as she spread her legs to give him a better view of what waited for him, "if another man touches me?"

As she watched a large muscle in his clenched jaw twitched she absently ran the tips of her fingers of one hand over her breast and down her stomach.

"No, I don't," he bit out coldly.

"Really?" she asked, turning so she could lean over the table and grab the Tupperware bowl she'd brought with her. She looked over her shoulder and bit back a smile when she caught Jason licking his lips hungrily as his eyes ran over her bottom.

"I guess then I should tell you that Mark, the new biology teacher, asked me out tomorrow night. Dinner at his house," she said offhandedly, popping the top of the container as she watched his reaction.

His eyes snapped up to hers and she couldn't help but notice all the muscles in his neck and chest going taut.

"It's none of my business," he ground out.

She picked up the bowl, turned, and knelt in front of him.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked, shifting nervously.

Haley pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she placed the bowl on the floor. She reached over and pulled his boxer briefs down, releasing his rather angry looking erection. She resisted the urge to run her fingers down it.

"There, that looks more comfortable," she murmured as she picked up the bowl again.

"Oh that buttercream frosting?" Jason asked in a strangled voice

"Mmmhmm," she said, dipping her finger into the buttercream and making a show of licking it off. "Mmmm." She dipped her finger in the delicious frosting again. "I believe I owed you," she said, reaching up and smearing the frosting over one of his ni**les.

He hissed in a breath when she leaned over and licked it off. "The deal was that I got to lick an entire bowl off of you," Jason said between clenched teeth.

"But this is so much more fun," Haley said, scooping up more frosting. She gave him a sly little smile as she reached over and smeared the frosting over the underside of his hard cock. "A lot more fun."


Jason groaned long and loud at the first swipe of her tongue. Christ, it was a lot more fun than he imagined. Granted, it would be a lot more fun to lick it off her br**sts and off her round little bottom. He watched as Haley traced her tongue over his cock, slowly licking off the buttercream frosting.

He should stop this. It wasn't right to lead her to believe that he'd stick around, but when she took the large head into her mouth and sucked hard he couldn't do anything more than moan and pant.

She took her time licking him clean, clearly enjoying herself. Finally when she'd licked all the frosting off, she released his c**k with a loud pop. With a soft grip she ran her hand down his length.

"You'd be fine with me doing this for another man?" she asked.

His breaths came quicker as he imagined his little grasshopper doing this for anyone else. He couldn't deal with it. He knew he'd f**king kill any man that so much as touched her never mind this.

Fuck it.

She was his.

He didn't care if she didn't love him the way he loved her. It didn't matter. He'd more than make up for it. He'd spoil the hell out of her and keep her in orgasmic bliss so that she wouldn't realize that she was settling.

"No one else touches you, Haley. No. One."

"What about you?" she asked shyly, rising to her feet.

"Only me," he promised as she shimmied out of her panties. She grabbed something off the kitchen table and walked around him. He heard the click of the handcuffs as she released each hand and foot.

When she was done she tossed the key onto the table and walked out of the room towards his bedroom. Jason wasted no time in pulling his pants and underwear off the rest of the way. He walked into his room and nearly sighed with content when he spotted his little grasshopper waiting for him on his bed.

He walked over and climbed onto the bed. Without a word he picked up her left leg and pressed a soft kiss to her calf before setting it back down to the side. He did the same for the other leg, exposing heaven on earth. He leaned over and pressed a kiss against her swollen wet lips, earning an enticing moan.

"Just so we're clear," he said, running the tip of his tongue between her slit, "you're marrying me."

"Just so we're clear, I decided that two weeks ago," she said, earning a pained chuckle from him. "I'm in love with you, Jason," she said softly, running her fingers through his hair.

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