Exposing the Prez’s Ol' Lady

I never dreamed of living out my fantasy, but that’s exactly what Sabbath’s Ol’ Lady, Shasta, gave me after one night of drunken fun. I’d done my best to stay out of her crosshairs after rumors got around of her moving through the ranks seducing the officers one by one.

I thought I’d never fall into her trap, but then she offered me something I’d always wanted… a threesome—a threesome with the only man in my club that got my engine revving. I’d done my best to keep my secret feelings hidden, but one slip of the tongue changed everything that night. Now I was able to live out my fantasy, while secretly hiding behind Shasta’s little kinky obsession. But cashing in my “Hall pass”, left me with more questions than answers. Not only did I get a taste of Sabbath’s forbidden fruit, but I finally figured out why no woman had ever been able to really satisfy me.

Coming to terms with my sexual preference left me open for some serious consequences, and since I didn’t know if my club would accept me, I was left with a painfully difficult choice. Expose the woman who gave me everything I ever wanted... or expose my true self to the club. Both were too risky to reveal, but I had to choose. Now the question was... which one would leave me breathing, and which one would end up with me dead?