Taking His Punishment (Forbidden Fantasies 66)

Bridge: I caught Renee doing something unmentionable for a young lady, so she needs to be punished. But this isn’t going to be hours of praying on her knees, or chanting rosaries while thinking about God. Instead, the curvy girl will be taking on a very special type of challenge that involves her round rear end … and then stretching until she moans.


Renee: I thought Bridge was kidding when he told me I was going to be punished. After all, I’m a grown woman and I don’t take orders from anyone, much less a handsome church elder. But the gorgeous man’s blue eyes gleamed as his body hardened. Bridge told me to bend over … and then thwap thwap thwap!

To my mortification, I cried out his name with joy!

But we weren’t done yet because the alpha male’s creative. He’s not just about a few smacks here and then finito. Instead, the gorgeous man lined up a series of toys on a low table, gleaming and wet. I thought it was a joke, a nightmare, or ... maybe it’s every girl’s dirtiest fantasy. Because what Bridge doesn’t realize is that I’m no shy, innocent flower. Instead, I’m a naughty woman who’s ready to start riding as he punishes me for my sins!