Daddy's Little Doubter (Daddy 28)

Nate came home from the war after losing a good friend. The best thing he can do is check on his fallen comrade's family. He doesn't expect to fall for his little sister.

Tessa has already lost her father and brother and is about to lose her mother, which will make her an orphan with no other family. She pushes herself to make it through each day and sometimes barely makes it hour to hour.

Her first look at her brother’s army buddy makes her feel things she doesn't understand. After her mom dies, he’s the one who keeps her going and protects her from people she never thought would harm her.

When she overhears Nate and hears him say she's just an obligation, she doubts everything he’s ever said to her.

With so many obstacles in their path, Tessa doubts they’ll be able to make a future together.