A Rebel's Promise (Alaskan Rebels 3)

A pararescueman home from the military. A dog musher stepping into her dad’s legacy. Thrust together after years apart, can they trust each other and escape disaster?

Gunnar Rebel left the military to find healing, but adjusting to his new life proves harder than he expected.

His desire to help others ignited a desire to become a rescuer for the elite special forces. To qualify for the most arduous division in the military, he cut all ties with everyone but his family back home. Everyone … including Julie Sparks, the woman who still holds his heart. Now that he’s home, he wants to settle down and forget that his reasons for leaving Julie behind don’t make sense anymore.

Julie Sparks is determined to honor her father’s death with an arduous trek to the North Pole.

She also wouldn’t mind proving that she’s not only worthy of filling his fur-lined boots, but will climb to new heights in them. It’s more than just a matter of pride, not with the sponsors waiting to pull their funding if she fails. Establishing she’s worthy of support might prove harder than she expected when her ex, Gunnar Rebel, is brought in to help lead the expedition and shatters her focus.

When an accident on the trail turns life-threatening, will Gunnar and Julie put aside their hurt and broken promises of the past, or will their lack of trust prove fatal?